Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Teacher Confessions

Happy Wednesday!!

Kudos to all my teacher friends!  I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted.  I love my job so much and I love working, but I am exhausted!  I go to bed at 10 pm...on a late night.  As a night owl, this is shocking to me.

Here are the things I confess to doing as a new teacher:

  • I want to ride on the OT swing.  Like REALLY bad.  Like I may have a plan to sneak in on my lunch break...
  • After a week of stress and lesson plans, I think I could use some equilibrium work aka the OT swing.
  • "Holding it in" has become an Olympic sport.  Someone needs to come around at 2 pm and let the teachers go the bathroom.  It's soooooo hard to not be able to go the bathroom at your leisure.  
  • Sometimes I take two cookies/pieces of zucchini bread/coffee cake when people bring things in.  It's. So. Moist.
  • Sometimes I listen to the Kid's Pandora station long after the kids have left...and I sing along
  • Some of the sentences that come out of my mouth contain combinations of words I never thought would ever go together, "You need to pick up the cornflower crayon and make a square around the number 1 on the caterpillar's back.  Yes, the caterpillar has a number one on his back.  This is very important.  This IS your job." or "When you answer that question put your hand on your head."or "Please come out from the between the beanbag chairs.  We don't burrow behind the chairs.  Yes, all the way.  I need to see your whole self.  Thank you.  I appreciate your listening."  or "Honey, the pencil doesn't go in your eye.  You will hurt yourself.  Ok, now don't put it in your mouth.  Thank you.  Oooooo, don't put it back in the pencil jar, either.  Let me clean that for you."  
  • So wait, Back To School Night has cake, cookies, those carmel, coconut, with chocolate chip layer cookie things?  I'm loving BTSN!
  • Why do I assign so much homework?  Now I have to grade it all.  
  • Sometimes All the time I forget how to unlock my laptop from the docking station.
  • I love reading my students' journals because they write the funniest and best stuff.  It's honestly priceless.
  • I  enjoy writing in the Orton Gillingham sand as much as the kids do.
  • I sometimes knock over the Orton Gillingham tray of sand.
  • Picture day makes me nervous, too.  Do they do make ups for grown ups?
  • Making a sub plan is probably one of the most stressful things I will ever have to do.
  • You mean to tell me that the reading program has 11 components to every lesson?  And I complete this in 90 minutes?  Sure, that's plausible.  Would you like a side of when pigs fly, too?
  • I want to be the kind of teacher Mr. Feeny, Miss Frizzle, and John Keating
  • With the workload of being a teacher, I now see why the aforementioned people were all single--there's no time for anything else besides teaching, prepping, and sleep. 
  • I get really excited when I get to read a new children's book
  • I love when all the pencils are really sharp
  • I get sad when the crayons become dull (Don't we all?  Life's a lot better when they're all pointy and sharp)
  • I want to buy all the things from Lakeshore.  All. The. Things. $208097 for a notebook?  Sounds reasonable, I mean they have sentence starters for EV-ER-Y-THING!
  • I can now divide syllables like a BOSS!  LIKE A BOSS I TELL YOU!
  • I may have $12 in my bank account until payday, but you can bet your bottom dollar my classroom looks like a million bucks
  • Sometimes I like to read the Junie B. Jones books because they're hilarious.  Then I giggle randomly to myself out loud and in public about how funny they are at very inappropriate times aka walking down the school hallway, local stores, out at dinner.  
  • Sometimes I roll off the exercise balls while I'm working.  (For my non-special ed friends, students sit on exercise balls to help regulate their senses.  I sit on them because they're a total blast and I get to bounce.)
  • I can't put my Lakeshore shelving unit together.  I guess I need a Master's Degree in engineering instead of special ed...
  •  My heart melts when my kids tell me they love my class
  • Yes I do happen to know all of the My Math songs.  "Expanded sweeping the nation."  Sometimes I sing these in my car.


  1. My BF has an engineering degree and I've got a B.A in Communication Media so often I tell him that he has the better degree for a certain project. Yet, the man can't plug the cable box up correctly and called Comcast becuase it wasn't working. It's good that he's cute...

    1. It was so hard to put together and I just loved the masking tape!

  2. i've always wondered how teachers get bathroom breaks. sucks that you have to old it
    in :(

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda