Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And We're Back

      So senior year.  The beginning of the end.  My favorite part about school is my friends!  I love love love my TCNJ family.  My roommate Grace and I went to dinner in Princeton, a fav activity since Ewing NJ is not the most happening place.  Usually we frequent D'Angelo's, a delicious Italian deli and pizzeria!  But it was too late so we opted for WaWa hoagies eaten in the car with Nantucket Nectars.  Oh and people watching...lots of people watching.  Princeton is the perfect place for people watching because the student body is so diverse!  WaWa is the epicenter of deliciousness in South Jersey.  Everyone knows, loves, and reveres that place.  But when I moved to North Jersey for school my biggest fear came to life...the closest Wa was 25-30 minutes away in Princeton.  What would I do?  At home there are 5 WaWa's in a 5 mile radius!

     Well, one night, sophomore year of college, we found our solution.  Grace and I were engaged in an epic prank war with our across the hall neighbors.  Some of our favorite pranks were ding dong ditch at inopportune times.  Well, our neighbors returned from a party at 2 am and decided to ding dong ditch us.  We obviously woke up startled and barged into their room to fake berate them.  We all ended up talking until about 3 and then when Grace and I returned to our room we looked at each other and instantly knew the gleam in the other's eyes.  We needed WAWA!  We needed it bad.  So we took to our friends Google and MapQuest.  Faithful as always, they generated two locations:  Trenton and Princeton.  Since it was 3 am and Trenton is one of the most dangerous cities in America we opted for Princeton.  So we decided to make the trek to Princeton.  In 30 minutes we'd have WaWa's deliciousness in our bellies and we'd be happy happy girls.  And it was glorious!  Never has a turkey/American cheese/lettuce/light oil ever tasted so good.  Amazing!  So every Wednesday from there on out became affectionately known as WaWa Wednesday.  (Although, if we're craving it on Thursday we can go then too...we're not picky)

     So back to Senior Year.  Being a senior in college is NOTHING like being a senior in high school.  Because after high school I was certain I was going to college.  But after senior year in college comes a year and a half of grad school then THE REAL WORLD!  Not the MTV classic, but the real real real world.  SCARRRY!! Well, we'll just push that thought to the back of the brain now.  My first class got cancelled so Tuesday I went to lunch with Jacqueline and we had a gossip fueled pizza meal.  Later that night I went to my neighbor's house for Pregnant Tuesday.  It's a time honored tradition of watching Teen Mom and eating the BEST college snack ever invented...drum roll please...pop corn and M&Ms!!  Best thing I've learned in college thus far hands down!  So we celebrated the Series Finale in style!  We drank Prosecco and pondered life's great questions.  Why does Amber date more than us?  How many cars has Maci owned since the beginning of the series?  Who is Nick's father?  How many degrees does Farrah possess?  And lastly, why are Catelynn and Tyler constantly buying school supplies?  My friend said Amber dates more than us because she knows where to find the quality men:  KMart and Jail!  Good point, my friend, good point.

The only thing I don't like about school is the fact that I miss my Deb's cooking.  She is the best cook ever!  At college I live on a strict $40 a week food budget.  (WaWa is additional in case you were wondering lol) I've actually become really good at working on this budget!  This week I spent a total of $38.79! Score!  What does $38.79 worth of groceries look like?  

**Dulce De Leche Cheerios-if you haven't tried them, get yourself to the store!  Best $3.29 you'll spend!
**1 pound of ground turkey (under $4)
**hamburger buns ($2.50)
**1/8th pound of yellow American cheese (58 cents if you buy Shop Rite brand)
**24 Poland Spring water bottles ($4.29)
**2 medium bags of M&Ms ($5.35-they were on sale!)
**1 box of Shop Rite popcorn ($1.53 for 3 bags)
**grilled chicken cutlets ($4)
**fresh spinach ($3.79)
**almonds ($4.29)
**raspberry cabernet light salad dressing ($3.29)

This is a weeks worth of groceries in mon maison!  I make killer turkey burgers (ground turkey+garlic+parsley+oregano+rosemary) and a really good salad that I highly suggest!  It's spinach+warmed grilled chicken+almonds+raspberry cabernet dressing.  It's delicious!  

I love school and every part of it and I'm so happy to be back!!



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