Saturday, May 13, 2017

When It Rains...We Shop For Sunglasses

Happy Weekend!

Is the rain making you feel as lazy as I am feeling today?

Well, when it gets rainy and you're on a self-imposed staycation, there is only one thing to for sunglasses!

One of my favorite new-to-me brand is Warby Parker!  The company has a really cool history, starting with a very relatable story (I cracked up when I read about the founders squinting during grad school because sunglasses were too expensive!  Totally relatable to this girl! Raise your plastic fork full of Ramen Noodles if you've been the poor grad student!) and I'm super excited about the new spring collection!  The other amazing thing about this company is that they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need when you buy a pair.  How awesome is that?  As a teacher, I know how important access to glasses is to education.

The spring collection features tons of cool modern shaped sunglasses with both vintage and modern patterns and colors.  Everything is bright (YAY) but also looks sun kissed!  They offer both casual and dressy versions of every style!

First of all, the website is the coolest!  They let you sort your style search by color, shape, material, and fit.  THANK YOU!  Now I don't have to search through countless pages to find ones I like.

The shapes are awesome because they are modern, but still bring back the chic retro styles of the '60s which I LOVE!   You know I'm obsessed with Jackie Kennedy (forever my style crush) and these look like cool, modern, chic upgrades of the traditional Jackie O-made famous sunglasses.  The colors are gorgeous and I can't wait to order a pair!  I'm thinking of the Piper...or the Nancy...or the Margot...or maybe all of them :)

The glasses are awesome because they have different lenses (mirrors, colors, traditional), materials (acetate, metals, mixed materials), shapes (cat eye, round, rectangle, and square) fit (both width and nose bridge are taken into consideration) and colors (think the rainbow...then double it!)

Here's a sneak peek!

Since I'm going to Italy I decided to play stylist and create a few outfits of my own using Warby Parker sunglasses!


crochet dress


Outfit 2

Exploring in Italy


Can't Wait To Explore

Wine Tasting



I hope you all enjoy these sunglasses as much as I do!  How are you going to style your sunnies this year?

Stay dry!